Stooge Shorts [Mitch Shapiro Rev. 1.0 4/95]


* Part 1 Introduction
* Part 2 1934 - 1940 (Moe, Larry, Curly)
* Part 3 1941 - 1947 (Moe, Larry, Curly)
* Part 4 1947 - 1952 (Moe, Larry, Shemp)
* Part 5 1953 - 1959 (Moe, Larry, Shemp), (Moe, Lary, Joe)


53.  So Long Mr. Chumps (1941) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison, Bruce Bennet, Robert Williams

        The stooges are street cleaners who find some valuable bonds and

        return them to their owner.  The man is so grateful that he offers

        them a big reward if they can find an honest man with executive

        ability.  Their search leads them to a woman who's fiancee is

        honest, but he's in jail.  The boys decide to commit a crime so they

        can go behind bars to find him.  In prison the boys locate the man

        and help him escape, only to find out that their benefactor is a con

        man and on the way himself to the slammer.

   54.  Dutiful But Dumb (1941) ****+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Bud Jamison, Vernon Dent, James C. Morton, Bruce Bennett,

                  Chetster Conklin

        The stooges are photographers for Whack magazine ("If it's a good

        picture it's out of Whack") who, after messing up an assignment, are

        sent to the country of Vulgaria to get a picture of a death ray gun.

        In Vulgaria the penalty for taking pictures in is death, and the

        boys soon wind up in front of a firing squad.  Curly's last request

        is a giant cigar and by the time he's done smoking it all the

        soldiers are asleep and the stooges make their escape.

   55.  All the Worlds a Stooge (1941) ****-


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Lelah Taylor, Emory Parnell, Bud Jamison, Symona Boniface,

                  Olaf Hytten, Richard Fiske

        The stooges are window washers who lose their jobs after Moe

        impersonates the dentist in whose office they were cleaning.  On the

        run, they are hired by a millionaire to pose as children.  It seems

        the man's wife wants to adopt some refugees to impress her society

        friends.  Moe is Johnny, Curly is Frankie and Larry is Mabel.

        Everything goes fairly well as the lady shows off the stooges to her

        friends, but they finally irritate her husband so much that he goes

        after them with an ax.

   56.  I'll Never Heil Again (1941) ****+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Mary Ainslee, John Kascier, Vernon Dent, Bud Jaimison

        A follow up to "You Nazty Spy", the stooges have taken over the

        country of Moronica.  Moe is Hailstone the Dictator, Curly is a

        Field Marshall and Larry is Minister of Propaganda.  The stooges are

        planning with their allies to conquer the world, which mainly

        consists of fighting over a globe.  The former king's daughter gets

        into their headquarters and plants a bomb which Curly detonates.

        All ends well as the king regains control of the country and the

        stooges wind up as trophies on the wall.

   57.  An Ache in Every Stake (1941) ****+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison, Gino Corrado, Bess Flowers,

                  Symona Boniface

        The stooges are icemen who, while delivering ice to a house on the

        top of a high hill, destroy several cakes that a wealthy man is

        trying to bring home.  When their antics cause the servants at their

        customer's house to quit, the boys are hired to take their place and

        prepare a dinner party.  What they don't know is that the party is

        for the man whose cakes they wrecked.  When Moe's gas filled cake

        explodes and the man realizes who they are, they must leave in a


   58.  In the Sweet Pie and Pie (1941) ****+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Dorothy Appleby, Mary Ainslee, Etheldera Leopold, Symona

                  Boniface, Vernon Dent.

        The stooges are convicts about to be executed for some murders they

        didn't commit.  The day before the execution they are tricked into

        marrying three rich girls who need husbands to collect a legacy.  At

        the last minute the real murderers confess and the stooges are

        pardoned.  The girls are now stuck with the stooges so they plot to

        get rid of them by making them become gentlemen.  The girl's lawyer

        convinces them to throw a big party in the hope that the stooges

        will humiliate them and they can get a divorce.  The boys do just

        that as the party degenerates into a wild pie fight.  But the girls

        decide to keep the stooges and give their lawyer the boot.

        [ Dance teacher footage from "Hoi Polloi" ]

   59.  Some More of Samoa (1941) ***+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Louise Carver, Symona Boniface, Mary Ainslee

        The stooges are tree surgeons who are enlisted by a rich old man to

        find a mate for his rare puckerless persimmon tree.  The boys sail

        to the tropical island of Rhum-Boogie to find the tree.  When they

        arrive they are captured by the natives and will be eaten unless

        Curly marries the Chief's ugly daughter.  The stooges escape with

        the tree and, after a confrontation with an alligator, sail off with

        their prize.

   60.  Loco Boy Makes Good (1942) ****


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Dorothy Appleby, Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison, Robert

                  Williams, John Tyrel

        The stooges decide to get some easy money by having Curly slip on a

        bar of soap in a hotel lobby so they can sue the owner.  Curly slips

        as planned but the hotel turns out to be run by an old lady who is

        about to lose her lease to the evil landlord.  The stooges decide to

        help her fix up the place and start by beating up the landlord and

        stealing his watch.  After their usual antics in renovating the

        place, the hotel is ready for the grand re-opening.  The stooges put

        on a big show with a famous critic in attendance.  Their corny act

        goes over poorly until Curly accidentally puts on a magicians coat

        and becomes a sensation and the place is a success.

   61.  Cactus Makes Perfect (1942) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Monty Collins, Vernon Dent, Ernie Adams

        The stooges are living with their mother who persuades them its time

        to leave home and seek their fortune.  After a con man sells them a

        phony deed to a lost gold mine, the boys head west to find the

        treasure.  After some mishaps with Curly's gold finding invention,

        they locate the mine and strike it rich.  When two crooked miners

        try to take their gold they hole up in an abandoned hotel and,

        although they get bombarded by dynamite, triumph over the crooks.

   62.  What's the Matador (1942) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Suzanne Kaaven, Harry Burns, Dorothy Appleby, Eddie


        The stooges are actors traveling to perform at a fiesta in Mexico.

        After they accidentally switch suitcases with that of Dolores, a

        lovely senorita they met on trip down, they must sneak into her

        house to retrieve their suitcase.   When they are confronted by her

        jealous husband he vows to kill them if he sees them again.  At the

        fiesta where they are performing a comedy bullfight (Curly is the

        matador, Moe and Larry are in a bull costume) the husband bribes the

        attendants to let a real bull into the ring.  Curly knocks the bull

        out with a head butt and becomes a hero.

        [ I never understood how the bull costume could have fit in that

        suitcase. ]

   63.  Matri-Phony (1942) ***+


        Director: Harry Edwards

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Marjorie Deanne

        The stooges are potters in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor

        Octopus Grabus.  When the emperor orders all beautiful red-headed

        women to be brought before him so he can select a wife, Diana, a

        pretty red-head, seeks refuge with the stooges.  Some soldiers find

        Diana's hiding place and they are all brought to the palace where

        the stooges escape and try to pass of Curly as Diana, having broken

        the emperor's glasses.  Their ruse fails and they're caught by the

        palace guards as they try to escape.

   64.  Three Smart Saps (1942) ****


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison

        The stooges are engaged to the three daughters of a prison warden.

        When they learn that some crooks have taken over the prison and

        their prospective father-in-law has been locked up, they decide to

        go undercover to rescue him.  The stooges sneak into the prison

        where they find a casino with a fancy party in progress.  After

        swiping some formal attire, they crash the party and get candid

        camera evidence to expose the crooked goings-on.  With the crooks

        behind bars once again, the stooges are able to get married and all

        ends well.

   65.  Even as I.O.U (1942) ****+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Ruth Skinner, Stanley Blystone, Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison,

                  Heine Conklin, Jack Gardner, Billie Bletcher

        A destitute mother and child move into the stooge's vacant lot home

        and the boys decide to help them.  They steal the kids piggy bank

        and sneak into the race track.  They bet on a long shot that wins

        and then are gypped out of their winnings by two con men who sell

        them a washed up race horse.  Everything turns out happily when

        Curly swallows horse vitamins and gives birth to a colt!

   66.  Sock-a-Bye-Baby (1942) ***


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Bud Jamison

        The stooges mistakenly kidnap a baby they find on their doorstep.

        When the cops and the baby's mother come looking for the baby, the

        boys panic and flee into the country with the cops (one of them is

        the baby's father) pursuing them by motorcycle.  It all ends happily

        with the baby reunited with its parents and the stooges running off

        disguised as bushes.

   67.  They Stooge to Conga (1943) ****


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Vernon Dent

        The stooges are repairmen who get a job fixing the doorbell in large

        house which is the secret headquarters of some Nazi spies.  They

        manage to ruin most of the house while working on the wiring and

        then subdue the spies and sink an enemy submarine by remote control.

        [ One of the most violent of all the shorts, especially the scene

        where Curly spikes Moe in the eye.  The stooges manage a maximum of

        destruction in the shortest time. ]

   68.  Dizzy Detectives (1943) ***+


        Director: Jules Whites

        Cast    : Bud Jamison

        The stooges are carpenters who become policemen.  A mysterious

        burglar disguised as a gorilla has the cops baffled and Mr. Dill,

        the head of the citizens league, threatening the police chief's job.

        The boys go on the case and pose as night watchmen at an antiques

        store.  They confront the crook, who turns out to be a real gorilla

        owned by Dill. After defeating Dill and some other bad guys in a

        wild fight, the gorilla drinks some nitroglycerin and blows up.

        [ The carpentry scenes are taken from "Pardon My Scotch". ]

   69.  Spook Louder (1943) ***+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Stanley Blystone, Symona Boniface, William Kelley

        The stooges are salesman selling a weight reducing machine.  They

        have no luck until they show up at the house of an eccentric

        inventor where they are hired as caretakers.  When the scientist

        goes to Washington to demonstrate his death-ray machine to the

        government, the boys are left to guard his house and must contend

        with enemy spies and a mysterious pie thrower.

   70.  Back From the Front (1943) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Bud Jamison, Vernon Dent

        Set in WW II, the stooges are the only survivors of an American ship

        sunk by an enemy torpedo.  Adrift on a raft, they come upon a German

        battleship and by various means, such as Moe disguising himself as

        Hitler, and Curly and Larry as Goering and Goebbels, manage to

        capture the enemy ship.

   71.  Three Little Twerps (1943) ****


        Director: Harry Edwards

        Cast    : Chester Conklin, Hienie Conklin, Stanley Blystone, Bud


        The Stooges get a job putting up posters for a circus but discover

        that instead of money, their pay is tickets to the show.  When

        trying to scalp their tickets gets them in trouble, they hide out

        backstage where Curly has an encounter with a bearded lady and Moe

        and Larry hide in a horse suit.  When they're caught, the circus

        manager gives them a choice of going to jail or joining the circus.

        What they don't know is that they are to be targets for the Zulu

        spear thrower.  When Curly hits the spear thrower with one of his

        own spears, the boys are on the run once again.

   72.  Higher Than a Kite (1943) ***+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Dick Curtis

        The stooges are auto mechanics working for the R.A.F. in England.

        After wrecking an officers car they need a place to hide, but their

        choice, a sewer pipe, turns out to a bomb which is dropped on the

        enemy.  Finding themselves behind enemy lines, Moe and Curly

        disguise as German officers and Larry dresses as a seductive

        fraulein.  While general Bommel chases after Larry, Moe and Curly

        steal the secret plans from the high command.

   73.  I Can Hardly Wait (1943) ****+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Bud Jamison

        The stooges are defense workers who have trouble getting to sleep

        when Curly gets a toothache.  Moe and Larry try various ways to

        remove the offending tooth, but nothing works so they take Curly to

        the dentist.  While Moe gets in the chair to show Curly how easy its

        going to be, the dentist enters and pulls Moe's tooth by mistake.

        Curly then wakes up and realizes its all been a dream and a punch to

        the mouth from Moe dislodges the tooth.

   74.  Dizzy Pilots (1943) ****-


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Richard Fiske

        The stooges are the Wrong brothers, three inventors trying to finish

        building an airplane they can sell to the army and thereby avoid the

        draft.  When their plane, the "Buzzard", turns out to be a flop, the

        boys are drafted into the army where they have trouble with a tough

        drill sergeant.

        [ The army footage is taken from "Boobs in Arms" ]

   75.  Phony Express (1943) ****+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Chester Conklin, Snub Pollard, Bud Jamison

        Set in the old west, the stooges are three tramps wanted for

        vagrancy.  After ruining a medicine peddlers show, they arrive in

        Peaceful Gulch where a picture has been printed declaring them to be

        three famous lawmen coming to clean up the town.  Assigned to guard

        the bank, the boys have the local gang scared at first, but when the

        gang learns who the stooges really are, they rob the bank.  The boys

        go in pursuit, find the bad guy's hideout, subdue the bandits and

        recover the money.

   76.  A Gem of a Jam (1943) ***+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Bud Jamison, Stanley Blystone

        The stooges are janitors working in the offices of Doctors Harts,

        Burns and Belcher.  Some crooks arrive seeking medical attention

        after their boss has been wounded in a shoot out with the cops.

        Mistaken for doctors, the boys are forced to operate on the wounded

        crook, but instead they accidentally dump him out the window into a

        passing police car.  The rest of the gang chases them into a store

        room filled with dummies where the cops finally catch the bad guys.

   77.  Crash Goes the Hash (1944) ****


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison, Dick Curtis, Symona Boniface

        The stooges are hired as reporters and their first assignment is to

        get a picture of a visiting prince who is planning to marry a local

        socialite.  The boys disguise as servants and infiltrate a party

        being in thrown in the honor of the prince.  The stooges ruin the

        party, but save the day as they expose the prince as crook who is

        planning to rob the house.  Their boss is so grateful for the expose

        that he gives the boys a bonus and the rich lady decides to marry


   78.  Busy Buddies (1944) ***+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Fred Kelsey

        The stooges run a small restaurant, and must come up with some quick

        money to pay off a pie dealer who's wares they ruined.  They enter

        Curly in a milking contest at the county fair, but his technique

        leaves something to be desired, and he quickly falls behind the

        champ.  Moe and try to help by putting on a cow suit and pouring

        milk from a concealed bottle, but when their cheating is exposed,

        they must leave on the run.

   79.  The Yokes on Me (1944) ***


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Bob McKenzie, Emmett Lynn

        Rejected by the armed services, the stooges decide to "do their bit"

        by becoming farmers.  After paying $1000 and throwing in their car,

        the boys are owners of a run down farm, which lacks any livestock.

        After capturing an escaped ostrich, they decide to carve jack-o-

        lanterns for profit and then must contend with some Japanese who

        have escaped from a relocation center.  The stooges become heroes by

        capturing the escapees, with the help of explosive eggs laid by the

        ostrich who had swallowed some blasting powder.

        [ This short is rarely seen on broadcast TV because of its obvious

        WW II racial overtones. ]

   80.  Idle Roomers (1944) ****


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Christyne McIntyre, Duke York, Vernon Dent

        The stooges are working as bellboys in a large hotel when a side

        show promoter shows up with 'Lupe', a wild wolfman who promptly

        escapes.  The stooges try to capture the wolfman by playing music to

        calm him, but music makes the wolfman go berserk and soon the

        stooges are the ones trying to run away.  The boys end up caught in

        an elevator with the wolfman who shoots them into the sky.

   81.  Gents Without Cents (1944) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Lindsay, Laverne, and Betty

        The stooges are three small time actors looking for a job.  They

        meet three girl dancers in the situation and get a small part in a

        big producers show at the shipyard.  When the rest of the cast

        doesn't show up, the stooges and the girls must put on the whole

        show themselves.  The show is a hit and the stooges marry the girls

        and head to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon.

        [ Their act at the shipyard contains the classic "Niagara Falls"

        bit; "Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch..." ]

   82.  No Dough Boys (1944) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Christyne McIntyre

        The stooges are dressed as Japanese soldiers for their job as

        magazine models.  On their lunch break they go into a restaurant

        with their Japanese uniforms on causing the proprietor to mistake

        them for the real thing, and a chase ensues.  The boys fall through

        a trap door, and into a nest of Nazi spies where they are mistaken

        for "Naki", "Saki" and "Waki", three Japanese saboteurs.  The

        stooges try to act the part, including demonstrating acrobatics and

        jiu-jitsu to their hosts. When the real "Naki", "Saki" and "Waki"

        show up, the boys are exposed and impostors, but after a wild fight

        manage to capture all the Axis spies.

   83.  Three Pests in a Mess (1945) ****-


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Vic Travers, Snub Pollard, Christyne

                  MacIntyre, Brian Ohara

        The stooges are three inventors trying to a get a patent on their

        preposterous fly catching invention.  When they learn they'll have

        to catch 100,000 flies to earn enough to get a patent, some crooks

        overhear and think the boys are the $100,000 sweepstakes winners.

        When the crooks give chase, the stooges hide in a sporting goods

        store where Curly shoots a dummy, which they mistake for a real

        person.  The boys decide to bury the "body" in a pet cemetery, but

        the cemetery owner arrives from a costume party with his partners,

        all dressed as spooks, and they proceed to scare the devil out of

        the stooges.

   84.  Booby Dupes (1945) ***+


        Director: Del Lord

        Cast    : Rebel Randally, Vernon Dent

        The stooges are three fish peddlers who decide to cut out the

        middleman by catching their own fish.  They trade their car and $300

        for a "new" boat which turns out to be a piece of junk that soon

        falls apart and sinks in the middle of the ocean.  Luckily the boys

        also have a row boat which they climb into and then try to signal

        some passing planes for help.  Unfortunately, their paint spattered

        rag is mistaken for a Japanese flag and they are bombed from the


   85.  Idiots Deluxe (1945) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Paul Kruger

        Moe is on trial for assaulting Curly and Larry with an ax.  Moe

        relates how Curly and Larry took him on a hunting trip for his

        nerves.  Out in the woods they confronted a bear which Curly and

        Larry stunned, and thinking it was dead, threw it in the back of

        their car, where it came awake, tossed Moe out and drove the car

        into a tree.  The judge finds Moe not guilty and Moe promptly goes

        after Larry and Curly again with the ax.

   86.  If a Body Meets a Body (1945) ****-


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Theodore Lorch, Fred Kelsey

        Curly learns that he is named in the will of his rich uncle, so the

        boys head for the uncle's mansion to attend the reading of the will.

        They arrive on a dark and stormy night only to find that the lawyer

        has been murdered and the will and the body have disappeared.  All

        the relatives must stay in the spooky house while the police

        investigate and the stooges are given the bedroom where the uncle

        was murdered.  After a series of misadventures with a walking skull

        and the uncle's body, which keeps turning up in strange places, the

        stooges unmask the butler and maid as the killers and recover the

        will.  Then they learn that Curly has only been left sixty seven


   87.  Micro-Phonies (1945) *****


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Christyne McIntyre, Gino Corrado, Symona Boniface, Fred

                  Kelsey, Sam Flint, Chester Conklin

        The stooges are working in a radio station where a pretty girl has

        just made a recording of "Voices of Spring" under an assumed name.

        She wants to hide her singing career from her disapproving society

        parents while auditioning for Mrs. Bixby's "Krispy Krunchy" radio

        program.  After a run-in with a pompous violinist, the boys find the

        record and Curly starts mimicking to it, dressed as a women.  Mrs.

        Bixby witnesses their performance and is impressed enough to hire

        "Senorita Cucaracha" (Curly) and Senors "Mucho" and "Gusto" (Moe and

        Larry) for her radio program.  The boys show up in their disguises

        to "sing" at a Mrs. Bixby's party but run into trouble when Moe

        smashes the record over Curly's head.  The real singer tries to help

        by singing from behind a curtain while Curly mimics, but she is

        discovered and the stooges exit to a hail of phonograph records.

   88.  Beer Barrel Polecats (1946) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Robert Williams, Vernon Dent, Bruce Bennett

        The stooges make a whole batch of homemade beer, but get tossed in

        jail when Curly sells some to a cop.  Their minor indiscretion turns

        into a forty year sentence when a keg of beer Curly has hidden under

        his coat explodes while the boys are being photographed.  In prison

        the stooges get into more trouble with the warden and wind on the

        rockpile when they try to escape.  Released as old men with long

        gray beards, the first thing Curly wants is a bottle of beer.

        [ A pretty good short, but only because of heavy use of footage from

        "In the Sweet Pie and Pie" and "Goodbye Mr. Chumps". ]

   89.  A Bird in the Head (1946) ***+


        Director: Edward Bernds

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Robert Williams, Frank Lackteen

        The stooges are working as paperhangers in the home of Professor

        Panzer, a mad scientist looking for a brain to use in his

        experiments.  The professor wants to put a human brain into a

        gorilla but has trouble finding a brain small enough, which leads

        him to select Curly (for obvious reasons) as the perfect donor.  The

        stooges manage to foil the madman with the help of the Gorilla who

        befriends Curly

   90.  Uncivil Warbirds (1946) ***+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Faye WIlliams, Eleanor Counts, Marilyn Johnson, Maury

                  Dexter, Ted Lorch, Al Rosen, Blackie Whiteford

        The stooges are civil war soldiers who are constantly changing

        uniforms to avoid the opposing armies.  Eventually they decide to be

        loyal to the south, but remain disguised as Union soldiers.  Curly

        is detected as a spy, but Moe and Larry prevent his execution.  The

        boys escape with a secret map and marry their three southern belles.

   91.  The Three Troubledoers (1946) ***+


        Director: Edward Bernds

        Cast    : Christyne McIntyre, Dick Curtis, Vernon Dent

        Set in the old west, the stooges become marshalls in a town with a

        high death rate for lawmen.  The boys set out prevent a marriage

        between the villain Blackie and the heroine Nell, who's father

        Blackie has kidnapped.  The stooges manage to defeat Blackie and his

        henchmen, but when Nell's father learns she promised to marry Curly

        if he could save her, he decides death would be a preferable fate.

   92.  Monkey Businessmen (1946) ***+


        Director: Edward Bernds

        Cast    : Kenneth MacDonald, Fred Kelsey, Snub Pollard, Jean

                  Donahue, Cy Schindell

        The stooges are bumbling electricians who decide to go away for a

        rest after they are fired for their incompetence.  The rest home

        they choose is run by Dr. Mallard, a quack who gyps the patients for

        everything they've got.  When the boys discover the crooked goings

        on they escape, but not before Curly accidentally cures another

        patient who rewards him with a thousand dollars.

   93.  Three Loan Wolves (1946) ****-


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Beverley Warren, Harold Brauer

        Told in flash back, the stooges tell their son how he came to have

        three fathers.  The stooges, owners of a pawn shop, owed money to

        the gashouse protection society, a bunch of loan sharks.  To

        complicate matters, a lady leaves a baby in the shop as part of a

        plan to sell a phony diamond and the stooges wind up caring for the

        kid.  The stooges manage to defeat the crooks and when they finish

        telling the story, the kid goes off to find his real mother.

   94.  G.I. Wanna Go Home (1946) ***-


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Judy Malcom, Ethelread Leopold, Doris Houck, Symona


        The stooges are discharged from the army and go to see their

        fiancees, but find they have been dispossessed and the wedding is

        off until they find a home.   The boys have trouble finding a vacant

        apartment so they set up housekeeping in a vacant lot.  Their

        housing problems seem to be solved until a farmer destroys their new

        home with a tractor.  The stooges then build a house of their own,

        but the girls aren't impressed with the one room mansion and walk

        out on them.

   95.  Rhythm and Weep (1946) ***-


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Jack Norton, Doria Patrice, Ruth Godfrey, Nita Bieber

        The stooges are actors who can't seem to find a job, so they decide

        to jump off a high building and end it all.  On the roof top they

        meet three girl dancers with the same idea.  Before they can jump,

        they meet a millionaire Broadway producer who hires them all for his

        next show.  The rehearsal goes so well that he doubles their salary,

        but it all comes to naught when they discover that the "producer" is

        an escaped patient from Dr. Dippy's retreat.

   96.  Three Little Pirates (1946) ****


        Director: Edward Bernds

        Cast    : Robert Stevens, Dorothy DeHaven, Vernon Dent, Christyne


        The stooges are castaways from a garbage scow who land on Dead Man's

        Island where everyone is living in olden times.  To escape from the

        governor, they disguise Curly as a Maharaja and win permission to

        journey to their own country to fetch presents.  The governor is

        fooled, but the boys run into more trouble in the den of Black Louie

        the pirate where Curly is forced into a knife throwing contest with

        Larry as the target.  Things look bad until a mis-thrown knife cuts

        the rope that holds the chandelier and it crashes down on Black

        Louie's men.  With the pirates defeated,  Moe decides to take over

        as ruler of the island.

   97.  Half-Wits Holiday (1947) ****+


        Director: Jules White

        Cast    : Vernon Dent, Barbara Slater, Ted Lorch, Emil Sitka, Symona


        A professor bets one of his colleagues that he can turn the stooges

        into gentlemen within 60 days.  With the aid of his pretty daughter,

        the professor tries to teach the boys proper etiquette.  After many

        frustrating attempts, he introduces the stooges into society at a

        fancy party.  At first things go all right, but the party soon

        degenerates into a wild pie fight.

        [ A remake of "Hoi Polloi" with lots of footage from the original.

        Except for a cameo in "Hold That Lion", this was Curly's last

        appearance in a stooge short. ]


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