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LP Records

"The Three Stooges Madcap Musical Nonsense at Your House"
"Snow White and the Three Stooges"
"The Three Stooges Nonse Songbook"
"The Three Stooges SIng for Kids"
"The Three Stooges in Storyland"
"Yogi Bear and the Three Stooges Meet Dr. No-No"

45 Records

"Have Rocket Will Travel"
"The Three Stooges Sing"
"The Three Stooges Sing 6 Happy Yuletide Songs"
"The Three Stooges Come to Your House"
"Sinking of the Robert E. Lett"
"The Three Stooges Happy Birthday Record"
"The Three Stooges Meet the Princess and the Pea"
"The Three Stooges and the Magic Lamp"
"The Curly Shuffle" - Acme Version
"The Curly Shuffle" - Atlantic Version


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