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Whoever might have thought that the Three Stooges were not fun, never got a chance to play one of the many games that were produced about them. Here is a sampling of the many ways in which the Stooges have been immortalized in everyday home entertainment.

In 1987, Cinemaware corporation produced a computer game based on the Three Stooges. The story line is "Can the Stooges help the poor widow save the orphanage from I. Fleecem, the evil banker? Moe, Larry and Curly have only 30 days to travel through Stoogeville, and solve the many puzzles and games throughout to earn enough money to stop Fleecem from foreclosing." Play includes the Slapping Game, Mousetrap, Pie Fight, Hospital, Cracker-eating, Boxing, and Trivia. Versions include the CBM 64, IBM, Atari, and Amiga. At right is a promotional disk produced by Cinemaware with a demo of the Stooges game on it.

In 1988, Activision licensed the game program from Cinemaware and produced a cartridge for the Nentendo Entertainment System (NES). The play is identical as the computer-based game, though perhaps a bit faster in most cases.

In 1986, Pressman Toy corporation released the "Three Stooges VCR Game". The game included stand-up cards with images of Moe, Larry and Curly, Nyuk-Nyuk penalty cards featuring Moe-Lecular Physics, Larry Fine Arts, and Curly-Osophy, Ouch, Scram, Zonk Whoops and Phooey Action cards, and a VHS format VCR tape containing Stooge short footage. The object of the game is to get rid of your action cards by tossing them around when a word matching scene appeared on the TV. A silly game to say the least, but the video contains lots of action scenes from several Stooge shorts. Value $40.00


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