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Here is a chronological account of all known books published about the Three Stooges.

"Stroke of Luck"			James Carone		Siena Publishing
  1973 - N/A

	The memoirs of Larry Fine.  The most sought after book to a stooge collector.
	This book had limited distribution, and has been out of print for near
	20 years.  

"Stoogism Anthology"			Paul F. Fericano	Scarecrow Books

"Moe Howard & The 3 Stooges"		Moe Howard		Citadel Press
  1977 - 0-8065-0723-3 (pbk)

	The autobiographical memoirs of Mow Howard - a process he began in 1973, and 
	was busy taping and transcribing at the time of his death in 1975.  A pictorial
	account of the wildest trio in the history of American entertainment.

"The Stooge Chronicles"			Jeffrey Forrester	Contemporary Books
  1981 - 0-8092-5666-5 (pbk)

	The Stooge Chronicles is the history of the Three Stooges, commemorating
	their golden anniversary as a comedy team.  It is the story of a show
	business legend . . . the story of a comedy team that made more movies
	than any other in film history.  The book is lavishly illustrated with more
	than 50 rare photographs, most never before published.  

"The Three Stooges Scrapbook"		Jeff Lenburg		Citadel Press
  1982 - 0-8065-0803-5 (hdbk)		Joan Howard Maurer
					Greg Lenburg

	This book, published in 1982, is an official, authorized book on the history
	of the Three Stooges comedy team and on all aspects of their career.  Most
	of the data contained in the book took over 10 years to compile, and serves
	to correct many erroneous accounts that have appeared in other publications.
	Also features the most comprehensive filmography ever compiled, which includes
	the stooges' appearances as a team as well as its members' solo film
	appearances.  Also, an extensive history of stooge merchandise is presented.

"The Stoogephile Trivia Book"		Jeffrey Forrester	Contemporary Books
  1982 - 0-8092-5613-4 (pbk)

	Here, finally, is the one-of-a-kind book of little known facts and figures,
	guaranteed to fascinate and inform even the most knowledgeable Stooge fan.
	Includes a complete filmography of all Stooge films, with dates, directors,
	producers, plots and starring Stooges.  

"The Great Movie Comedians"		Leonard Maltin		Harmony Books
  1982 - 0-517-54606X (pbk)

	A loving look at the men and woman who make us laugh.  For more than seventy
	years, audiences have been entertained by movie comedies.  Leonard Maltin, one
	of America's most respected film historians, presents the fascinating story
	of our favorite movie clowns.  Includes an exhaustive filmography on each
	comedian team, as well as a gallery of almost 200 photographs, many of which
	have never appeared in print before.

"Stooge Mania"				Tom Hansen		Contemporary Books
  1984 - 0-8092-5382-8 (pbk)

	Includes hundreds of Stooges-related collectible items, from comic books to
	Shemp's own cufflinks, shown with photos, a handy price guide to help you
	measure your fortune, and the addresses to help you find even the most
	obscure Stooges memorabilia.  You'll find the lyrics and dance steps to 
	"The Curly Shuffle", and even an exclusive reprint of an authentic Stooges
	script-written years ago but never filmed.

"Larry-The Stooge in the Middle"	Morris Feinberg		Last Gasp
  1984 - 0-86719-324-7 (hdbk)

	From his start playing the violin at amateur night in 1915, to his death 
	in 1975, this book provides a chronological account of the life of 
	Larry Fine, as told by his older brother Morris (Moe) Feinberg.  

"Not Just a Stooge"			Joe Besser		Excelsior Books
  1984 - 0-918283-00-0 (pbk)
	The autobiography of the last surviving member of the world famous comedy 
	team, the Three Stooges.  Dishing out laughs in front of audiences now 
	for more than half a century, this is more than a show business 
	autobiography, it is a sentimental and entertaining journey through every
	phase of show business history with this popular sissy-talking comedian as
	readers' self-appointed tour guide.

"The Three Stooges Book of Scripts"	Joan Howard Maurer	Citadel Press
  1984 - 0-8065-0933-3 (hdbk)

	This book presents the actual film scripts of three popular shorts - "You
	Nazty Spy", "Three Little Pigskins", and "Men in Black".  Includes illustrations
	with actual frame blowups from the films, and notes and sidelights about
	the filmings of each script and biographical sketches of the stars, performers,
	writers, producers, cameramen and editors.  

"Curly - an Illustrated biography of	Joan Howard Maurer	Citadel Press
	the Superstooge"
  1985 - 0-8065-0979-1 (hdbk)

	In 1977, upon completion of her father's book, "Moe Howard and the Three
	Stooges", a though came to Jaon Mauerer that a book should be written about
	her Uncle Curly, everyone's favorite Stooge.  She collected bits and pieces
	of information about her uncle, and eight years later completed this book - 
	the first in-depth illustrated biography of this elfin enigma who has become
	the cult figure of the eighties.

"Last of The Moe Haircuts"		Bill Flanagan		Contemporary Books
  1986 - 0-8092-5152-3 (pbk)

	A look at the influence of the Three Stooges on twentieth-century culture.  
	The time has come to give Curly, Larry, and Moe their rightful position in 
	all our history books.  The time has come to reveal what we all have somehow
	always sensed - that the only logical explanation for this twentieth-century
	world of ours is...the Three Stooges!.  This book does it.

"The Three Stooges Book of Scripts II"	Joan Howard Maurer	Citadel Press
  1987 - 0-8065-1018-8 (hdbk)

	In this new book, Joan presents three more vintage film scripts with all the
	original, written dialogue intact.  Her scripts choices, Restless Knights,
	We Want Our Mummy, and Yes We have No Bonanza.  Also, a special added chapter
	about the 1962 Columbia feature, "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules", the most
	successful Stooges film in their half-century career.

"The Stooge Fan's I.Q. Test"		Ronald L. Smith		Contemporary Books
  1988 - 0-8092-4613-9 (pbk)

	Collection of incredible photos and facts that nobody's ever seen before.  
	This will answer the questions you never thought to ask: "How often did
	Curly clip his hair to keep it Stoogical?".  The answers to these and more 
	than 400 other Stooge stumpers are included in this zany book.  

"Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge"	Joe Besser		Roundtable Publishing
  1988 - 87-061786

	Re-titled, and mildly updated version of "Not Just a Stooge" from 1982.

"The Stooges Lost Episodes"		Tom Forrester		Contemporary Books
  1988 - 0-8092-4655-4 (pbk)

	The fifty never-before-released Stooge adventures.  Lost Episodes is intended
	as a guidebook to assist Stoogemaniacs in getting their hands on the "lost"
	stuff that is now available.  In addition, the authors have included a 
	filmography that lists the lost episodes of the Three Stooges - both
	collectively and individually.

"The Knuckleheads Return"		Tom Mason		Malibu Graphics
  1989 - 0-944735-20-7 (pbk)	
	Now the knuckleheads are back in this collection of their classic comic
	missadventures.  Includes seven stories from the original St. John, Dell
	and Gold Key comics.  The existence of this book is yet another reminder 
	that the public has never lost its fascination with the Three Stooges.

"The Three Stooges - In Full Color"	N/A			Eternity Comics
  1991 - 0-944735-92-4 (pbk)

	Re-prints of six stories first appearing in several Dell and Gold Key 

"The Wacky World of the 3 Stooges"	Annie McGarry		Crescent Books
  1992 - 0-517-06702-1 (hdbk)
	Illustrated with over 80 black and white photographs of their antics
	on and off the set, The Wacky World of the Three Stooges is a book
	fans will adore.

"The Three Stooges Abdo & Daughters"	Bob Italia		Rockbottom Books
  1992 - 1-56239-16x (hdbk)

	A series of hardback books that contain six of the Stooge shorts as 
	originally authored by Del Lord and Elwood Ullman.  The series features
	"Phony Express", "A Gem of a Jam", "I can Hardly Wait", "Dizzy Pilots", 
	"Busy Buddies", and "How High is up".  Several photos from the shorts 
	are presented as the story progresses.

"Behind the Three Stooges: The White	David N. Bruskin	Directors Guild 
  1993 - 1-882766-00-8 (pbk)

	This is a 'don't miss' book for any Stooge fan...covering all phases of the
	White Brothers, whose careers virtually span the entire life of the two-reel
	comedy short in America.  For people who can't get enough reading about the
	Stooges, for those who care about how the shorts department of a major studio
	functioned, and for a look at B-filmmaking from men who were in the thick of
	it, this is must reading.

"The Films of the Stooges"		Daniel Volk		Daniel Volk
  1994 - None (pbk)

	An in depth look at the 97 shorts made with Larry, Curly, and Moe at 
	Columbia Studios from 1934 to 1947.  Self published by Daniel Volk.  First
	publication was in 1988.  The 1994 edition was exclusively distributed

"The Three Stooges Scrapbook"	Jeff Lenburg			Citadel Press
  1994 - 0-8065-0946-5 (pbk)	Joan Howard Maurer		Carol Publishing Group
				Greg Lenburg

	In 1994, a re-covered and re-printed issue of the same book from 1982.
	No new information was included.

"Pop Culture Legends"		Mark & Ellen Scordato		Chelsea House
  1995 - 07910-2369-9 (pbk)

	Part of a series of books that examines the lives and careers of these and
	other pop culture legends, and the society that places such great value on
	their work.  This book presents the extraordinary talent, the stubborn 
	commitment, and the great personal sacrifice required to create work of 
	enduring quality and influence in today's world.

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